5 Ways to Upgrade Your Business Presentation Skills

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Understanding and delivering an idea with impact is vital, no matter what industry or business you’re in. However, if you fumble over your planned words or don’t leave a good enough impression on clients, executives, and a general audience — it’s time to try a different approach.

Here are five ways to upgrade your business presentation skills:

Make it More Engaging and Memorable

An audience will be more likely to become engaged and remember the information you’re sharing if they can hear and see it with visual aids, and what better way to present any topics than videos?

You can have production studios create corporate videos to make your presentations stand out among the rest, making them eye-catching and engaging for any audience. For instance, you can introduce yourself in an early slide in your presentation with a video or make dry statistics into a fun Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) to capture attention.

Be Prepared

Even the most seasoned presenters can give out less-than-ideal speeches or presentations by getting thrown off by unforeseen issues, especially when technology is the reason behind them. If you’re using audio-visual aids and videos in general, try to have a plan B just if your laptop crashes or your files suddenly don’t open. If you’re well prepared, tech issues will be one less thing you need to think about before your presentation.

It’s best to give yourself plenty of time to settle in the stage or meeting room before your talk. So, try to get to the presentation venue as early as possible to give you plenty of time to get used to your presentation space and prepare everything — ensuring everything goes smoothly.

a man presenting in front of a crowd


Naturally, you’d want to rehearse your business presentation several times. While it can be challenging for those with packed schedules to have free time to practice, it’s an essential method of ensuring you deliver a rousing presentation. So, generally, if you have the time, even the shortest breaks, practice your presentations as frequently as possible.

Rehearse to the point that you’ve become so familiar with the topic, then you can deliver it with ease, similar to having casual conversations with friends and family. So, try to at least do one practice run in front of friends and family once a day until the presentation day.

Actively Engage the Audience

Most people like to talk about having their opinions heard, but the nature of presentations typically seems like a one-sided proposition, and though most people do it like that, it doesn’t need to be. Asking your audience to share their thoughts, inviting them to ask questions, and other means of audience participation boosts engagement, making audience members comfortable and feel like a part of a conversation.

You can start by providing a poll or survey, and don’t be put off by unusual and unexpected questions. See them as an opportunity to provide your audience with what they want.

Be Passionate

Any audience will more likely become engaged with your speeches if you can speak about it with passion and conviction. If you genuinely care about your topic or what you’re generally presenting, your enthusiasm will shine through, making it more fun and immersive for the audience. Not only that but being passionate about what you do can help overcome nervousness since you’ll be so absorbed in what you’re saying, leaving no room for worry.

Whether you’re presenting to your managers, potential clients, or venture capitalists, making an excellent first impression and standing out from other people is crucial. But remember that an impactful business presentation is more than just a couple of aesthetically appealing slides. You need to be confident, engaging, and memorable, and the strategies mentioned can help you deliver an unforgettable business presentation with ease.

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