How to Creatively Showcase Products in Photos

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As a photographer, one of your main goals is to capture your subjects in the best light possible, including products. Whether you’re shooting for an e-commerce website or a catalog, it’s important to be able to make products look their best in photos. With this, styling and composition are important factors in creating a successful image. The right setup can make the difference between a cluttered, messy shot and a clean, professional one. Hence, a well-styled and composed image is more likely to grab attention and effectively convey the product’s message. As such, here are six ways to creatively showcase products in photos:

Maximize Natural Light Sources

Whenever possible, use natural lighting when photographing products. This will help to create a more flattering and accurate representation of the product. If possible, set up the shoot near a window with diffused natural light. You can also use reflectors to bounce light back onto the product. Another option is to use translucent fabric to diffuse the light and reduce shadows. Using natural light will help to bring out the colors and details of products in a way that artificial lighting might be unable to match.

Create a Simple Background

The product should be the star of the show, not the background. A simple background will help make products pop and make it the focal point of the photo. A white backdrop is always a good choice, but you can get creative with other solid colors. When doing so, make sure you choose a shade that will complement the product and not clash with it. For example, a blue background might work well for a white product but not so much for a yellow one. Another background option would be textures such as wood or fabric. This creates a fascinating look while still keeping the focus on the product.

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Use Props

When setting up a photo shoot for products, be sure to use interesting props that will add texture and dimension to your photos. Something as simple as fabric or a flower can make all the difference in your photos. Be sure to choose props that complement the product and fit the overall style of your shoot. For example, suppose you’re showcasing jewelry for your new project. Aside from carefully handling delicate pieces, you would also need to use props that don’t take away attention from the jewelry itself. In this case, you can look into suitable jewelry photography props that can provide more context and interest to your photos. Having more options will give you more creative freedom in your styling and composition.

Get Up Close and Personal

When shooting product photos, getting up close and personal with your subject is important. This way, viewers will also get a closer look at the products. This is most helpful with products such as accessories or decorative pieces that may have intricate details you can show off. You can use a macro lens or get close using a standard lens to achieve this effect. Doing so will help you capture the product’s detail and beauty. You can also show off your own style and personality through your photos.

Play With Angles

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different angles when taking product photos. Shooting from above or below can give your photos an interesting perspective that will set them apart from others and create interesting visuals. For example, shooting from a low angle can make a product look larger than life. This is helpful if you want to show off the scale of the product. Moreover, you can also make use of negative space in your photos by incorporating it into your composition. This will allow the product to stand out even more and give your photos a clean and modern look. Remember to keep your horizon line level, so viewers don’t get dizzy looking at your photos!

Tell a Story With Your Photos

Products don’t exist in a vacuum—they’re used by people in their everyday lives. And that’s what you should try to capture in your photos! Tell a story with your images by showing people using the products creatively. For example, if you sell desserts, show them being enjoyed at a party or picnic. If you sell jewelry, show it being worn on a night out. Doing so will enable potential customers to see themselves using your products and make your photos more relatable.

With enough practice, you can take better product photos that showcase your items in the best possible light. So next time you’re tasked with photographing products, stay open to more possibilities and experiment until you find what works best for you and your subjects!

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