A Guide to Dominate the Social Media World for Startups

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Social media has played a huge role in promotions, especially for businesses. More and more businesses are venturing towards using social media to get closer to their target market and gain more potential customers. The use of social media is so widespread and is capable of a global reach and breakthrough. It is free to use, which is why businesses take advantage of these benefits. Big businesses even tend to allocate their budget solely for digital marketing centered on social media for promotions.

However, it’s understandable for small businesses not to be so financially invested in non-traditional media promotions because it’s risky. However, there are still several ways to extend their brand awareness in the social media world without spending too much. After all, promotions in social media are considered to be one of the most cost-effective. Here are a few creative hacks that you could try to establish your businesses’ online presence and gain a wider reach:

Use Visuals to Captivate Social Media Users

Social media offers users a lot of entertainment, and no user ever wants to be bombarded with ads, so the chances of your material getting ignored are extremely high. The trick is to capture their attention by engaging them with thought-provoking lines or questions or eye-catching visuals with vivid colors.

According to 32% of marketers, they consider visual content one of the most important types of content, and about 80% of those utilize visual images as their primary tool for online promotion. These visual content could contain detailed infographics, critical social experiment videos, or even just purely entertaining videos, like animated videos that have become so steadily popular your would-be material would still be effective for years. For starters, you could seek the help of professionals in graphic design for publishing materials or a video animation agency for the videos. It’s a bold move, but either way, it would still be useful and worth it.

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Partner with Online ‘Influencers’

Social media has also given birth to a new and serious career path: becoming an influencer. Partnering with an up and coming influencer would be beneficial for you both since you would be establishing a much more genuine face of your brand because there’s an actual human being advocating for it, and the influencer in return would benefit from your businesses’ overall brand.

It doesn’t have to be a big influencer immediately; you can always choose to start with fresh content creators first. As long as they have organic views and a sufficient following, it would be enough to open your brand on a wider, different platform. Make sure you also choose influencers that align with your businesses’ core values.

Be Active on Trending Topics

The power of a hashtag is immeasurable. Anyone could use a hashtag, and sometimes it would just trend on its own. Make sure to keep an eye on trending topics and engage with users as much as you can. This would not only spread your official ‘hashtag’ but you never really know who might be reading it.

Being active on topics would also ‘humanize’ your business’ brand, and as a result, it would give you an image of more than just a corporation, but a legitimate group of humans whom they could relate to. Just make sure you are well-versed in choosing topics to engage with and line up links to your website to promote it and increase traffic.

There isn’t just one standard for becoming a social media hit, not only for businesses but for regular users. However, as long as you keep being active and taking slow, careful yet bold steps towards online promotions, then your growth in audience and engagements is not only possible but rather inevitable.

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