Mentors And Coaches: Why Is It Important To Have Someone To Guide You?

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Mentoring and coaching are now becoming a necessity in the world today. Mentoring has gone beyond just the area of business and well into personal matters. Notice how there has been a significant increase in the number of life coaches around you. These people offer their time, resources, and knowledge to help you grow as a professional and individual.

More than mentoring in business and corporate settings, such as in high-end photo-retouching services or fraud analysis and investigation, they are there to help you succeed in all you do.

10 Very Important Reasons Why We Need Mentors and Coaches

  1. We get wisdom from them.

Mentors give us the guidance that we need with the practical wisdom they bring to the table. This makes it easier for us to achieve our goals, whether starting a business or getting through a tough spot in our marriage.

  1. They see our blind spots.

Sometimes, we fail to see where we fall short. Mentors and coaches are there to point out our blind spots and give us the feedback that we need to rectify the situation or compensate for it.

  1. They motivate us.

Mentors know what it’s like to be where we are. They all had to start somewhere, and they know exactly how it feels to be in our situation. Whether we’re at the top of our game or down in the dumps, they are there to motivate us and keep us inspired to keep going and keep pushing no matter how tough things might be. They have this mindset that if they can do it, so can we.

  1. They help us become who we’re supposed to be.

One great thing about mentors and coaches is they don’t just want us to be carbon copies of themselves. They push and motivate us so that we can fulfill our reason for being. They want to help us to be the best version of ourselves and not just copycats.

  1. They help set boundaries for us.

One of the challenging responsibilities of mentors and coaches is helping discipline and correct us. They identify particular areas in our lives that need to be addressed for us to be successful. They help set boundaries for us and lay down the proper foundations we need to succeed in business and life. They are not afraid nor intimidated to show us tough love, especially when we need it, because they truly want us to succeed.

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  1. We can bounce off ideas to them without any fear of judgment.

Having someone to hear your ideas is fun and helpful. We can freely talk to them about our thoughts and plans without them judging or mocking us. We can expect they will encourage us to be more creative and push us to think out of the box always.

Of course, they’re also the ones who will take us down a notch or two if we’ve gone overboard, but generally, they are there to validate whether our ideas will work or not.

  1. They give us the advice that we need, not just what we want.

When you have your own mentor and life coach, be prepared to get whatever you need. Since they are committed to making us better, even better than them, they will tell us everything we need to hear and will speak the truth to us in love.

If we need correction, they will correct us. If we need to be reprimanded, that they will do. If we need to be comforted, they will lovingly do that, too. Whatever we need, they will give.

  1. They help make our network grow.

One of the benefits of having mentors and coaches is we also get to tap into their network and grow ours. Most mentors like to introduce their mentees to their colleagues and friends to help them in their careers and personal lives.

  1. They serve as examples and role models.

When we have a mentor, we have someone to copy and emulate. They help set our standards high with the way they conduct themselves at home and work. We have a pattern, a model, to look to when we’re lost and don’t know what to do. They teach by modeling what we should do. These guys don’t just practice what they preach, but instead, they loudly preach what they practice.

  1. They will accept you for who you are but help you become better.

Mentors also play the role of surrogate parents to us. They take us under their wings and take care of us like we’re blood. They see us for who we are (our strengths and weaknesses) and accept us wholeheartedly. They commit to helping us be the best versions of ourselves to lead quality and fulfilling lives.

Mentors and coaches are not perfect, but their commitment to our success overshadows their flaws and shortcomings. The deeper we get into our relationship with them, the more we see their noble intentions for us.

Who’s mentoring you?

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