How to Build Your Brand as an Artist

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A good brand is what you can be known for. It is becoming recognized for something that you do, and for who you are as a person. As an individual artist, you would want to be unique and not be compared with other artists. If you can come up with your branding, you will have an edge over your competitors and be remembered by your customers.

Successful companies come up with powerful marketing strategies, reinforcing their brands to the public to achieve long-lasting recognition. Take Banksy for example. He is famous for his satirical street art and political activism. He’s not afraid to be different when he uses his signature stencil style. He even uses graffiti for his social activism messages.

As an artist, you need to work hard to establish who you are to stand out from the crowd. Create a strong and effective brand for your consumers. Here are some tips to start.

Define Who You Are as An Artist

Defining yourself as an artist is no easy task because you will have to ponder and reflect on who you are as an artist. You will have two figure out your artistic personality and find an edge that will set you apart from other artists.

Don’t fret if you are finding this difficult, even Van Gogh himself had struggled to find his identity and direction. He lacked self-confidence and it took him years to discover his calling as an artist.

Take the time to brainstorm to be able to come up with ideas of what you can offer best. Think of the reason why you are creating your art or the experiences you have had that have shaped you as an artist.

Get on The Scene and Collaborate With Others

After you have figured out your artistic identity and have concluded a well-packaged art brand, you cannot promote your business by trying to spread the word about your works.

Starting as an artist requires a big amount of confidence. If you’re confused about where to start, you can participate in art fairs, projects in the artistic community like a charity event, and even collaborating with other artists. Try to visit art shows when you have the time.

Don’t hesitate to ask established artists for some advice since their personal experience and connections can be a way for you to learn and enhance your presence in the art scene.

Be Accessible to Everyone

Social media platforms have become one of the most important tools when it comes to digital marketing. It allows you to reach out to a bigger audience and promote your products and service as well. You can start by creating profiles that are solely dedicated to your art.

Trying to grow social media profile requires hard work and a lot of effort. It can be quite time-consuming, but it will be worth it once you start to garner an audience. You can start on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok to promote your art. Make small clips of how you do your artwork, take creative photos of your finished works.

Ask your customers for a review when they receive their commissioned art, or tag you when they post stories and pictures.

Interaction is also a key to making a successful art brand. As an artist, you should always be accessible for an inquiry or a comment because this shows that you care about potential customers and people who respect your work.

Make A Logo


It may not be necessary, but having a logo or a symbol tied with your brand can be an effective marketing strategy. A logo can help people remember who you are as an artist. You can create one or maybe print your name in a unique font that can become the symbol that you are known for.

A good example would be fashion brands that have their name as their logo. Through simplicity and good marketing usage, brands such as Versace and Chanel have become widely recognizable worldwide.

You can use your logo when you make your art piece for a customer. Print out stickers and put them on the packaging. Include it in your business card, flyers, posters, profile picture on your social media platforms.

If you have the extra budget, you can even invest in a vinyl car wrap service just like what other companies do with your delivery in company vehicles. Approach your friends, your family members, and ask them who would be willing to have their vehicle wrapped in your art. You can also have your car wrapped if no one volunteers.

Make your art design that would look good in a car and include your logo. That’s a great way to advertise your brand for free! People would surely look the second time when they see your art-covered vehicle.

Building your identity in the art scene is no easy task and can be a time-consuming process. But once you have presented yourself and made a name that can sell, everything can go much easier with the help of your artistic brand, social media platforms, other artists you’ve met, and experiences you now have during the process.

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