Different Photography Styles and Why Use DSLR Cameras to Practice Them


Photography plays a vital role in our lives. We use this art to collect memories, showcase our history, or even earn money. It all depends on how the photographer will maximize his/her skills to achieve his/her purpose. This article will help you understand that better.

Different Styles of Photography

Because we have different stories to tell, we also tend to take photographs of different subjects. This gave birth to the various styles of photography that are widely practiced today. While that list is quite a long one, we’re only going to mention the most common styles.

Portrait Photography

This is perhaps the most popular style of photography, and for good reasons. This photography style is a form of art that aims to capture the mood or even the personality of an individual or a group of people. There are many branches to portrait photography. It sometimes incorporates close-up, full-body, or wide-angle shots. Yet, the most important thing to remember is that the main subject is people.


This is often a style for professionals but is also practiced by freelance or amateur photographers. The general aim of this style of photography is to tell a story. Ergo, photojournalism is used in news stories or historical writings. In other words, while portrait photography is commonly planned, photojournalism captures a moment as it happens.

Fashion Photography

As the name suggests, fashion photography uses clothing or other worn items as its subject. More often than not, these photographs are used for advertisement, which means creativity in highlighting the features of a single item is essential. It may even urge photographers to scout for the perfect location for a shoot. This photography style also includes capturing images of different accessories. The images of jewelry pieces are then retouched to remove any imperfection and highlight their beauty.

Architectural Photography

While there are still lots of photography styles not mentioned here, architectural photography should be in the spotlight, too. There are many forms of architectural photographs as they are often used in magazines, highlighting the interior and exterior of a home. On the other hand, photographs of globally known architectural wonders also fall under this category.

Advantages of Using DSLR Cameras

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Whenever you see a photography shoot, you’d often see that they’re using a DSLR camera. Whichever style of photography you are quite skilled at, digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras are the superior type of camera you can use to practice your art. Below are some reasons:

The Shutter

All cameras need a shutter to block the incoming light so as not to overexpose an image. It functions like a curtain to cover the lens of the camera and not let light pass through. What makes a DSLR camera’s shutter different is that it is mechanical, which means as soon as you press the button, the shutter closes and captures the image. This instantaneous response means that almost no image you capture is ruined by accidental overexposure.

Lens Options

Cameras used to be compact, which means their main body is fixed to the lens, and it’s all that you have. DSLR cameras, on the other hand, have a detachable lens. This means you have quite a few options when taking photographs. If you want a fast, quick, or mega-zoom-capable one, there’s a lens for your preference.


DSLR cameras also allow you to adjust the ISO, which is the camera’s sensitivity to light. This means that you can tweak your camera in low-light settings to maximize the amount of light it takes in and still capture the crisp details of an image.

The question now is if cameras have a flash, why is the ISO critical? What you need to remember is that the source of light is essential. If it comes from the camera, it only lightens the subject in front of you, not ideal for landscape photographs.

Maximum Control

While we’re at it, we’d also like to mention that ISO is not the only function that you can adjust in your DSLR camera. DSLR cameras have tons of different settings and mechanisms that can be tweaked according to your preference, making them the perfect type of camera to use on every occasion or setting.

Number of Photographs

Lastly, DSLR cameras utilize a storage card, not a film. A single roll of film only has a limited number of images it can capture, which means that every single shot must be meticulously planned. On the other hand, DSLR cameras can take thousands of photographs and allow you to use the same storage repeatedly.

We can immortalize a single moment and freeze it in time through photography. While we may differ in the style that we specialize in, we all know that DSLR cameras are the way to go to further enhance our skills. Learning more about them helps us appreciate this device even better.

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