Gaining Influence as a Social Media Content Creator

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In the age of technology, social media can be a powerful tool to use in content creation. Social media allows companies and social media content creators to connect to their audiences, potential prospects, and people from all walks of life.

Social media is causing numerous changes in our daily lives and tears down any communication barriers that might have been there before social media. And in a competitive global market, social media has never been more critical for companies and brands to build their image.

Social media also allows you to gain knowledge regarding your audience’s likes and dislikes. By implementing a robust social media strategy, a company or a social media content creator can broaden their reach and build brand loyalty in the process.

Gaining Influence

Different social media platforms require different strategies; a social media strategy on Facebook won’t necessarily work on Instagram and vice versa. So it is crucial to have a familiar understanding of both social media platforms’ nuances before fully committing to a strategy.

Content creators must keep in mind that trends in these social media platforms can change with a snap of a finger, so it’s essential for social media content creators who want to build a brand to keep an eye out for these changes and to adapt accordingly.

Gaining influence can be difficult at first, especially if your brand is new and has no presence yet. So it’s essential to be consistent with your social media posts; we recommend posting one content a day. By posting once a day, you can slowly start to build your presence on social media and to build it organically by attracting followers through your posts.

Dedicate Time to Video Content

It’s no secret that Facebook’s algorithm is geared towards video content. This algorithm is designed this way because video content retains people’s attention for longer, making them stay on Facebook and exposing them to more Facebook advertisements, which is Facebook’s primary source of revenue.

We recommend that social media content creators take advantage of this fact by focusing on video content and using the Facebook live feature at least once a week to capitalize on their algorithm and attract more followers.

First Impressions Are Important

On social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and especially Instagram, first impressions are vital, especially when your content revolves around photos. If your social media posts rely on photo content, then the photos’ qualities must be top-notch.

So it might be worthwhile to hire a lifestyle photographer to get the quality content that your audience seeks. Social media content creators must also be mindful in terms of what photos to put out first.

In Instagram posts, always put your best foot forward when posting multiple photos all at once. Failing to put your best picture first can lead to losing touch with your audience and their attention.

Engage Your Audience

Engaging your audience is one of the most critical parts of gaining influence as a social media content creator. Engaging your audiences on your posts can significantly boost brand trust as well as solidify brand loyalty.

People go on social media to interact with other people. So answer their questions about your post, engaging in a conversation with your audience can give your brand a more personal touch to it, which has been proven to retain audiences and generate new ones.

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Hashtags Generate Engagement

Hashtags should be your bread and butter when gaining new audiences. Every social media manager worth their salt will tell you that hashtags are the way to go when you want to gain influence and generate new leads.

Hashtags provide a way for new audiences to explore their preferred content and enable them to discover social media accounts that have these contents.

This algorithm is why hashtags are incredibly influential on Instagram, so it’s never a bad idea to fill your caption with hashtags to generate new audiences to gain more influence. One social media page reported that 80% of the new post interactions came from a hashtag, while the other 20% came from existing followers.

Keep in mind, though, that hashtags are a trial and error process, so don’t be afraid to experiment to get traction on a post.

Utilize the Analytics Tool

Utilizing the analytics tool on your social media page is critical because it lets you see which posts were interacted the most and ignored. The analytics tool is your game tape; never forget it. We recommend that social media managers use this tool to structure their future posts and build a strategy around the analytics.

Gaining influence as a social media content creator is all about the long game and can be frustrating. But it’s essential not to give up and put up content consistently. If you look at one of the most famous brands out there or well-known influences, they have always started small and worked their way up the social media ladder with consistent posts.

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