Why Interior Design Knowledge Is Necessary for Sales

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Knowing what appeals to people in terms of interior design can help artists and craft makers know how to create products that will sell well. This kind of knowledge is valuable to anyone who works in a field that counts on appealing to people’s tastes to make sales. Real estate agents, home appliance sellers, and artists can all benefit from understanding how customers make choices.

It is in understanding the way people think when they make design choices. It is also about appealing to their sense of taste so they can imagine how good the item will look in their homes. A set piece can often help sell different items better than displaying them individually. For instance, seeing how barnwood beams set off the windows and curtains can help customers see how well it would go with their rustic decor.

Viewing how a lamp looks against a bookshelf or on a coffee table can help people imagine how it would look in their space. You can even sell candles better if you showcase the best ways to display them and light a few so people can enjoy the aroma.

Bright Pops of Color

A bright pop of red can draw the eye. It can help an item stand out and, if done artfully, will be a selling point. People want bright colors in their spaces, but they often do not want to be overwhelmed.

A bright red lampshade can appeal to customers wanting to add atmosphere to a room. Neon green bookends are great for people who want to keep their books within reach but want an attractive way to keep them organized. Bold blue patterned cushions would appeal to anyone seeking to add more character and comfort to a sofa or bedroom.

Curves Are In

Many modern homes and apartments are very structured and rectangular in formation. This can feel restrictive and harsh to many people. Thus, they will seek out decorations and items that have smooth curves to help soften their angular spaces.

Rounded cushions, lamps, and tables are both attractive and useful. Cushioned headboards with rounded corners can help soften a bedroom. Curving shelves can help cancel out a stark corner and act as a useful item and a decorative piece.

Crown Moldings

Crown molding is a great way to soften the look of a harsh angular home. It gives interiors a classic look that adds to a refined style of decor. Crown molding can be painted the same color as the walls to give a softer feel to the room and reduce its harsh lines. Alternately, it can be painted a contrasting color to the walls to act as a frame for the room.

Window Decorations

Interior Windows

Window decorations are an easy way for people to add some design to their home while staying functional. People can justify the cost of window decorations because it serves a purpose. They would be willing to pay more for an attractive design.

Painted shutters are great for people who want to shut out all light but do not enjoy curtains. People who are allergic to dust will also appreciate an attractive solution to keeping out the light in a way that is easier to keep clean.

On the cheaper end are window stickers. These are stickers that can be pasted to a window to give it a stained-glass effect. This will mostly appeal to people who enjoy a cozy feel at home or parents with young children. It is also a great solution for people who like to keep their curtains open but do not want people looking into their homes.

Groups of Three

Odd numbers are a design feature that attracts the eye. People are more drawn to an odd-numbered amount of items on display. It helps direct the eye to the display and causes them to pay attention to the way the item looks and not just the overall display.

Asymmetrical groupings generate visual interest that helps people imagine the item in their own spaces. This trick can be used for a variety of small items. Display cushions in threes but vary the cushion covers to showcase options. The cushion covers can vary in shade, pattern, and color. Varying the size and shape of the cushions can also work even better. People will feel a greater interest in touching the items and comparing the prices for the different sizes. Once a customer touches an item, they are more likely to want to buy it.

Candles also sell well in asymmetrical groupings and numbering. There are various ways to do this. Candles of the same color and shape can be placed together and look attractive. Candles of the same color but different heights create an interesting focal point for the eye. You can display different candle holders on the same table but put the same candle on the holders. The candles will draw the eye and direct it toward the holders.

Interior Design to Your Advantage

These tricks do not just work for physical spaces. Online spaces can use them effectively as long as they know how to showcase the features via photographs.

A good way to attract people to your online store is to have cohesive coloring. Pick a few backdrops that work well together, and use these consistently to photograph your items. People can pay better attention to items against a pastel or light-colored backdrop versus a bold or bright backdrop.

The pandemic has driven more people to shop online. Combining your new knowledge of interior design tips and investing in good-quality photos can help improve your sales.

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